Jul 21 2018

MMH news July 2018

MMH Newsletter June 2018-1

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Mar 29 2018

MMH Newsletter Easter 2018

March 2018 newsletter small

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Feb 13 2018

Solar update

The latest solar installation at MMH will power the laundry and our water pumps – the solar PV panels will be mounted on a ‘solar tree’ outside female ward.

Solar tree under construction

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Dec 20 2017

MMH newsletter Christmas 2017

All of us at MMH wish you a very happy christmas, and many blessings in 2018.
Newsletter December 2017

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Sep 02 2017

MMH Newsletter September 2017

We hope you enjoy reading the latest news from MMH

Newsletter Sept 2017

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Apr 13 2017

MMH Newsletter Easter 2017

Newsletter (s) March 2017

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Mar 16 2017

New antenatal ward opens at MMH

A lot of work by MMH management and staff, and support from three partners culminated in the opening of a new ward at MMH on monday 13th March. With support from Camellia plc and the Camellia Foundation (the holding company of Eastern Produce Malawi’s Mulanje tea estates) , the English Reformed Church Amsterdam with dutch organisation Wilde Ganzen, and Global Affairs Canada through Presbyterian World Service and Development we have built, furnished and equipped a new 20 bed antenatal ward, scanning room and clinic area for pregnant women.

The ward was opened by Gideon Mothisa from Eastern Produce Malawi, and dedicated by Rev Moyenda Kanjerwa, Deputy General Secretary of CCAP Blantyre Synod. Much singing and dancing followed!

From L to R, Rev Dr Billy Gama, Head of Station, Maggie Maruwo, HRMO, Tabu Gonani, Matron, Dr Clare Shakespeare, Mr Gideon Mothisa, TA Chikumbu, Rev Kanjerwa and nurses from the College and hospital.


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Feb 06 2017

Support matters

Over the years, the English Reformed Church, with additional contributions from Wilde Ganzen and International Rotary Club Amsterdam, has sponsored a number of projects for the Mulanje Mission Hospital. Their latest fundraising event, a Victorian Christmas Evening in December, was a great success and the € 25.000 target to improve the hospital’s laboratory services has been reached.

“At the moment we have one big room in which we try to do biochemistry, hematology, microbiology with very little differentiation of equipment. So the funding will first of all help us develop a dedicated microbiology lab, which is so important to the diagnosis of tropical diseases and then to develop our hematology and biochemistry departments,” says Dr. Ruth Shakespeare.

Ruth has been Medical Director at the Mulanje Mission Hospital for six years and although the overall healthcare situation in Malawi is deteriorating it has constantly improved at the Mulanje Mission Hospital.

“The English Reformed Church have been supporting us magnificently over the years and thanks to your fundraising in 2015 we’ve just opened a new 20-bedded antenatal ward for our maternity department. Before the women coming to give birth had to lie on mats on the floor in our waiting area,” she says.

The hospital was founded by Scottish missionaries in the 19th century and retains its links with the Church of Scotland. Today the hospital has 204 beds, two schools, a nursing college and a small factory as well as a very big public and primary healthcare programme looking after about 85.000 people in 72 villages. The challenges are huge in a country estimated to be the third poorest in the world and where three out of four people live on less than one dollar a day.

“Climate change and floods ruins almost 90 percent of the harvest. So a normal production of say 50 bags of sweet potatoes are down to only five bags. Obviously there’s nothing to sell and already by September the stock runs out,” explains Ruth Shakespeare. Then there’s the impact of HIV/Aids, which is enormous in the whole of Malawi, with 10.6 percent of the adult population living with HIV.

“In the Mulanje district it’s even higher and the impact on our health services are huge. Two out of three admissions to our hospital are HIV related and as part of our palliative care program we have 8.000 patients in treatment.“

The good news is that over the last decade, impressive efforts to reduce the HIV epidemic have been made at both national and local levels and new infections have dramatically declined.

Dr. Ruth Shakespeare and her staff are doing a tremendous job under very difficult circumstances and although she stresses that their finances work in God’s economy and that all they can do is their best and being honest, the hospital greatly appreciate the continuing support from the English Reformed Church in helping to achieve the things they set out to do.

By Jens Anders Wejsmark Sorensen

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Jan 30 2017

Tree planting week at MMH

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Jan 10 2017

Solar fruit drying at MMH

See our volunteer Tom Glenn’s record of the work so far with our Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit:


Find out more and support Tom’s work here at https://www.gofundme.com/solar-fruit-drying-in-malawi


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