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College of Nursing

The College of Nursing was established in 1950 by Scottish Missionaries as a dormitory at Mulanje Mission Hospital for the training of Midwives in the local language. In 2002 it became a fully fledged Nursing and Midwifery College. In 2005 we started to admit both male and female students.

Source of funding
The College is predominantly funded by government through students’ grants. Each student is given a loan of MK300,000 annually for three years which has to be paid back in form of five years service with a government or CHAM hospital.

Student population

Currently the college has 164 students, 69 males and 95 females. Last year  33 Nursing-Midwifery Technicians graduated(100%) and the college has enrolled 65 new students this year. All the students stay on campus where they are provided with food and accommodation.


Production of qualified, skilled and competent Nurse-Midwives on a yearly basis
Incorporated gender diversity in the Nursing and Midwifery profession
Maintained a stream of qualified and competent tutors
Kept the college running sometimes with very minimal financial resources
Good working relationship and partnership with Malawi government, CHAM, Norwegian Church Aid, International Training & Education Center for Health (I-TECH) and other  partners


Inadequate funding: the current grant of MK 300,000 per student per year dates back from 2005 and has become inadequate. Through CHAM a revision has been proposed, but not yet honored. The new proposed grant is put at MK 435,000.

Other needs:
furniture and curtains for the new library and students hostels
textbooks for the library – latest editions
Lack of students sports and recreation facilities
Accommodation for tutors
Incentives for retaining tutors
Utility vehicle for staff and students
We welcome any partner that would be interested to support us in any way, e.g. through supporting private students or any funding to address the above challenges.

For more information please contact the Principal, Susan Sundu.

If you are already studying nursing or midwifery and interested in doing a student elective at MMH please download more information and an application form here.

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