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Staff and Capacity Building

Current Staff

MMH Staff:
13 clinicians, 4 medical assistants
11 paramedics (laboratory, pharmacy, radiography environmental)
63 nurses  (State registered, Nurse /Midwife,community nurse

163 support staff

MMCN Staff:
18 tutors
5 clinical instructors
29 support staff

Human Resources

Staffing levels have increased over the years, but have still not reached the minimal establishment as recommended by government. Higher qualified nursing staff and medical staff are hard to find and staff retention has also proved to be a challenge. Although our capacity building efforts have increased the number of staff considerably, attractive remuneration packages are difficult to maintain. Lack of accommodation is another contributing factor. Despite expansion to 101 houses, some staff are still forced to share for long periods.

Capacity Building Plan

Over the last few years we have invested a lot in human resources. Training of staff is the key to improving our services and to attracting and retaining staff. But slowly we are shifting towards a broader approach. In Capacity Building human resources are just one part, organizational and institutional development are just as important. MMH recently published a Capacity Building Plan for 2012 – 2016.  Please contact us if you would be interested to support this.

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