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Support services

The provision of primary care and hospital based clinical services at MMH is underpinned by a range of support services.  Some of these are clinical such as laboratory, radiology and pharmacy services, others include human resources, staff training and capacity building, accounts and maintaining vehicles and buildings.

The following video features the work of staff at MMH Laboratory:


Mulanje Mission Hospital started as a small maternity clinic in 1928 and other buidlings were being added later on until it became a fully-fledged hospital in 1980. Some of the buildings and staff houses are old, requiring major renovations or replacement. The hospital has been fortunate to have donors who have invested in infrastructure; however there is need for a robust maintenance plan to keep the infrastructure in good shape.The priority area for renovation at present is the operating theatre, which requires a major overhaul and some expansion to include a small second operating theatre and recovery area. Click here for more detailed plans for the Operating Theatre.

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Solar lights are on at MMH!

MMH management have been working with a specialist NGO, Solar Without Frontiers, to provide solar lights and power at MMH. The English Reformed Church in Amsterdam with Wilde Ganzen raised substantial funds for this work. Latest news is available here. The first priority was lights and power for the paediatric wards and labour ward, the …

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Staff and Capacity Building

Current Staff MMH Staff: 13 clinicians, 4 medical assistants 11 paramedics (laboratory, pharmacy, radiography environmental) 63 nurses  (State registered, Nurse /Midwife,community nurse 163 support staff MMCN Staff: 18 tutors 5 clinical instructors 29 support staff Human Resources Staffing levels have increased over the years, but have still not reached the minimal establishment as recommended by …

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