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Currently there are 204 beds divided over 4 main departments: a general male ward, general female ward, paediatric ward, and a maternity wing which provides a labour ward, postnatal ward, nursery and kangaroo mother care.

Inpatient Services Statistics:

Admissions Deaths Deliveries C.sections
2009 7929 446 (5.6%) 2355 246 (10.4%)
2010 9555 472 (4.9%) 2537 264 (10.4%)
2011 8434 261 (3.1%) 2544 308 (12.1%)




Hospital Infection Prevention Programme

On 11th June 2010 MMH was declared an infection free Hospital; the hospital received an infection prevention shield which was officially handed over by the Chairperson of Technical Working Group on Quality Assurance to the Secretary for Health  who was the guest of honour. Being a centre of excellence in infection prevention denotes that MMH ensures safety of clients, patients and health personnel from nosocomial infections.

Hospital acquired infections are a major cause of preventable morbidity and mortality in developing countries including Malawi. Nosocomial infections increase the cost of health care through increased length of hospitalization, provision of treatment with expensive broad spectrum antibiotics. In addition antimicrobial resistance acquired in the hospital can spread to families and the community when colonised patients are discharged.

Implementation of infection prevention activities has made the hospital look very clean both inside as well as outside such that some of the visitors arriving for the first time would mistaken the hospital for a hotel. When you arrive at the hospital and tour the surroundings you will never be received by any bad odours. This great achievement has been attributed to teamwork, hard work as well as commitment among the staff with support from the Hospital Management and the Hospital Quality Improvement Team.

Children’s Ward

This video, taken in July 2012, gives a glimpse into the Children’s Ward at Mulanje:

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