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Living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi
When people discover that they are HIV infected they are facing more than poverty. They have not only to deal with changes to their physical condition but also at times stigmatization by colleagues, friends and family. Women will often be divorced and left with children to support. Due to sickness they may be unable to work on their fields for food or continue their employment.

The Tikondane support group, set up in April 2003, is comprised of HIV positive members, who share the  goal of alleviating some of the pressures felt by people living with HIV/AIDS,  essentially creating a stronger network of support for individuals coping with the disease.

The Tikondane Support Group at MMH has the following aims:

  • Sharing experiences and assisting each other to understand and accept the situation
  • Supporting each other in living positively, and encouraging each other not to lose hope
  • Conducting dramas, songs and poems to artistically challenge the gravity of their situation and repel depression
  • Sharing God’s word

In the future we are hoping to:

  • Conduct exchange visits with other support groups in Malawi
  • Train members in home-based care in order to increase knowledge of how to care for themselves and others, and especially prevention measures.
  • Increase the knowledge of members on food and nutrition, through training in food variety and agricultural skills
  • Establish a Tikondane Support Group information centre
  • Start a micro credit loan fund for members

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