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Sponsor a bed at MMH

The sponsor a hospital bed programme is a great way for organizations and individuals who wish to contribute to healthcare in Mulanje to support our work. In Mulanje Mission Hospital an amount of £600 or $1000 makes a hospital bed available for approximately 40 patients during a whole year. Sponsoring a bed pays for all those things that are essential to providing good quality care – needles and syringes, sutures, iv lines, catheters, drugs and anaesthetics, intravenous fluids, oxygen and much more.

Patient fees cannot be enough to cover all costs. Raising the fees is not a realistic option as the majority of patients would no longer be able to afford health care. We are a Christian hospital. People who are in urgent need of medical treatment, but have no means to pay, are not turned away.

To find out more please download our mulanje bed sponsorship leaflet.

How do you sponsor a bed? If you wish to participate, please send an email to confirm your participation indicating your name, address, email address, the amount you wish to give and the currency you wish to transfer. After receiving your application we will send you confirmation that funds have been received. From that moment onwards we will keep you informed of hospital news by sending you our newsletter.

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