Jan 14 2015

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Serious flooding hits Mulanje

Mulanje has experienced the heaviest rainfall for thirty years this week, with many areas flooded as  local rivers burst their banks.  Many people have lost their houses and the hospital has been struggling without electricity since the weekend.

usually a tiny stream through Chitakale....

usually a tiny stream through Chitakale….

Toilets collapse as flood water runs through hospital buildings

Toilets collapse as flood water runs through hospital buildings

Children have been admitted after their homes collapsed onto them, and many people are at risk of water borne diseases and diarrhoea over the next few days as water supplies have been contaminated. Please pray for our community and MMH staff as the area slowly recovers from this disaster.

It will be many days before our electricity supply is restored.  If you are able to make a small donation to help keep our generator running, meet the needs of our patients and assist with flood damage repairs, please send to

Elizabeth White,
Finance Supervisor
Church of Scotland
Stewardship & Finance
121 George Street

or contact the Medical Director  director@mmh.mw

Thank you from all at MMH

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