May 28 2013

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Lorraine begins vital drainage improvements

Lorraine Hutchinson is spending a few weeks in Mulanje, bringing much needed engineering skills.

For several years MMH has struggled with inadequate drainage –  old septic tanks, lack of proper soakaways and cracked pipes, together with an increasing hospital population have all contributed at times to an unpleasant situation, and at other times to a major public health hazard.  Lorraine was recruited by Challenges Worldwide, based in Edinburgh, with support from the Church of Scotland.  She brings considerable experience from her work with Mott MacDonald in Scotland and Afganhistan, and immediately settled into the task of inspecting and mapping the entire drainage system at MMH.  She will be working with the MMH maintenance team to draw up a plan for essential improvements.

LorraineWe are very grateful to Lorraine and to Mott Mac for supporting us. Our challenge now is to raise the funds necessary to carry out the essential work to improve our waste water system.
We hope that Lorraine, perhaps with others from Mott Mac, might be able to visit again to help supervise the work and ensure a successful outcome.
Our huge thanks to all who have made her visit possible.

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