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Maternity Services

Mulanje Mission Hospital has a long history of providing maternity services, dating back to 1887. As well as outreach clinics (community services), the hospital provides antenatal care, labour and delivery, postnatal care and neonatal care. The provision of labour and delivery services has tremendously improved with assistance from our partners. Self contained rooms have been built to promote patients privacy and with the aim of increasing male friendly services as men (husbands and guardians) are allowed to be present during the period of delivery of the baby. Allowing men to be present during labour has been one of the strategies to reduce maternal morbidity as men are regarded as head of families and decision makers in our community.

Entrance to the Maternity Dept

To increase access to our maternity services and promote quality of care, MMH has embarked on implementation of new Reproductive health standards and a team of nurses and clinicians has been selected to spearhead this implementation. The major responsibility of the team is to regularly monitor the implementation of reproductive health standards as one of the key areas in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. Since the implementation of RH standards there has been a remarkable improvement in the standards achieved by midwives and clinicians , from a baseline of 48% to a recent score of 78% fof standards met.

Kangaroo Mother Care

Incubators are scarce in Malawi and often too high-tech. Therefore KMC, which is a natural method for caring for low birth weight infants, was introduced in 2005. Through support of Safe Motherhood a special ward was built and staff members were trained in this simple but effective way of caring for low birth weight infants. Babies are being nursed skin to skin to the mother, preferably 24 hours a day.


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